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Are you a crossdresser?

I know a secret!  I know YOUR secret life as crossdresser!  ~smiles~  I know what you’re wearing, or would LIKE to wear, under your man clothes!

Stripper fantasy

Want to be the vibrant and naughty femme self that you know yourself to be when you dress in women’s lingerie?  What about a fantasy phone sex call about being a stripper?

The stripper gets dressed by Mistress

Let this Experienced Mistress put you into a bra and panties under your business suit and then …..   As your male clothes come off, the feminization begins until you are dressed as Mistress wants.  You’ll be a beautiful woman sent out to perform on that stripper pole wearing only the man’s dress shirt — until you take that off too!

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

What happens when you get rid of the male side of you?  Mistress wants you to begin to move on that dance stage and use that stripper pole to really show off your feminine charms!  Some of you will want women in the audience, to teach you what to do and to cheer you on!  Others of you (like the naughty sissy) will want the male audience.  *wink*

Coerced bi and the stripper fantasy

Maybe I actually trick you into performing as a stripper!  I know you have gone to strip clubs before, so this time I go with you.  When we get there I seduce and then order you to get on stage.  You might even be called upon to give a lap dance — to a man!  This is the coerced bi fantasy that is so much wicked fun!

What happens next?

Want to learn how to give a lap dance?  ~grinz~  I’ll say more about that in the next blog post on femme Friday!  For now, tell Me about your fantasy while dressed en femme!

Ms Olivia