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Do the people who know you, know ALL of you?

Do they know that you’re dressed en femme right now?  *nods*

If you say no to those types of questions, then you might want some company on your crossdressing journey.  Even if you’re outside of the US, this American Mistress has many affordable ways to satisfy your crossdressing desires.  I talk with a lot of crossdressers that lives outside of the US and there is something to talking with a Dominant Woman with an American accent!

pantyboy has been INCREDIBLY gracious to write exactly how he has handled bringing his erotic fetish needs into his marriage.

This is something I’ve talked about on this blog … not just in terms of crossdressing but also other kinks like the need to be a submissive man to a Femdom Mistress.

When you want company, but don’t have that option in your *regular* life, then a relationship with this Experienced Mistress might fill that need!

The Talk with the wife

pantyboy:  “Here’s how I discussed with my wife, my desire to wear panties and cross dress.

I first started with the why. I was honest that it part of the reason was that it really turned me on. I also told her that I had the urge to do it, but really couldn’t explain it. To be honest, I still have a hard time explaining the reasons I do it, but I did my best to explain. I also told her there were tons of websites that she could look at that shared info for women who were married or in relationships with cross dressers.

What his wife wants to know about his crossdressing

pantyboy:  “Then I kind of went into what I liked to wear etc, because this was the next question she asked. I am mainly a panty wearer and told her this. Which of course led to the obvious, why were you wearing my bra question. I must say I’m not a huge bra fan, but the matching set was the main reason for me wearing it. I also told her that stockings were a huge turn on for me as well.

His wife’s reaction to The Talk about him wearing women’s clothes

pantyboy:  “All things considered that first talk went much smoother than I ever anticipated it would. Had I known she would have been so calm about it, I would have told her years ago.

His advice to another married man who wears panties

pantyboy:  “I must stress to anyone who wants to tell a signifcant other that you must take it slow. Do not hit them over the head with too much information. That night we set some guidelines. Her clothes were off limits, period. Which I readily agreed to. Even though I still crave wearing certain stuff of hers, I felt that was a fair compromise. Beside that we have no other rules.”

Why he still calls phone sex

Many people do have a real life partner who is understanding or tolerant of a sexual fetish.  That is fantastic and sometimes it’s not quite enough.  When you want someone who loves your fetish as much as you do, then you might need a Mistress.

Question for you, have you tried to talk to your significant other about your sexual kinks?  What happened?  Do you prefer to keep that part of you private and yet yearn to share it with someone to understands and also enjoys what you like?  How do you handle this?

Ms Olivia

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