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**** NOTE:  Click on the link that says THIS STORY IN THE LA WEEKLY to see the story that made me cry….it’s NOT the Arizona story, that’s just damn foolishness *****

I’m sitting here spittin’ mad about the crap bill in Arizona making it okay to deny service to “gays” based on “religious conviction.”  WTF?

You know I keep politics off the table but this really pisses me off.  I’m sure it will get vetoed BUT the fact that it has to get vetoed is crazy!  Makes me want to never go back to Arizona and I like that state — great scenery, home to one of my favorite bands ever, friends live there …. STILL …..

To get myself out of this pissed off mood, I found something during a google search.  And THIS story in the LA Weekly brought tears to my eyes.

You don’t have to be a crossdresser to get the love and acceptance.  Can you imagine a world like that?  I can and, yet, I can’t.

There is both … Arizona and the couple featured in the LA Weekly.

Bitter and sweet.  Much like life, eh?

I’ll return to our regularly scheduled soft porn after this brief intermission.

Ms Olivia