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Don’t suffer from purging trauma!

I’m hearing from so many crossdressers who have just purged or who have purged in the past.   THEN, the urge to dress again comes back!   One sweet caller, yvonne, told Me recently, “These problems are common to most cds. It is cyclical and the urge is very strong and very emotional.”

Yvonne and other crossdressing friends of Mine talk about the loneliness and isolation.  Part of this is trying to find a community that accepts, understands and even appreciates that femme side of you.  I absolutely am here for you during our crossdressing girl talk on the phone.

Enchantrix Empire

Another community I’d like to suggest is our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire.  There are lots of girly girls there.  Some of straight men who like to dress and want to be a lesbian with a woman.  Some are straight men when dressed in male clothing but when dressed en femme, will want to be with a man.  I call these girls, heterosexual women who want a man.  Others are looking for sissy fun, a bi sexual experience, erotic humiliation while dressed, and more.  Our community has a variety of people!  If you haven’t joined EE, then please check it out.

Community for crossdressers on My blog comments

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

You are encouraged to leave blog comments here and join in My blog community!  You’ll find that I give thoughtful answers to your questions and comments.  Leaving a blog comment is much better than IM or email, because you’ll have My undivided attention while I read and respond.  That’s generally not possible when I’m logged in for sessions, unless you’d like to have some girl talk during your session.

One caller talks about the cycle of cross dressing

Yvonne said this: “I do really need to discuss things with you  I have gotten away from the “community” down here.  It really is not for me to socialize with these folks. Still there is the cding. It is not something I can stop. The urge goes away for a spell, but comes back with a vengeance. Right now I cannot dress enough.  It has always been maddening and I am sure you have other callers that have similar experiences. It is just something we deal with as it comes.  It will feel good to unburden a bit :)”

Crossdressers TIP to avoid purging

The tip is very simple and easy to do.  Get a storage locker.  If you don’t want to put it on a credit card, then you can pay with a gift card or money order.  If and when you feel the urge to get rid of your femme wardrobe, makeup, wigs, shoes, etc. then just box it all up and put it in the storage locker.  I know there’s the expense of the storage locker, but that’s way less expensive than replacing everything!  You won’t need the storage locker until you REALLY need it.  It’s a safety net for you so you don’t have to set this up while you’re not thinking clearly during a purge moment.

What have you found works for you?

Can you relate to the cycles of dressing?  Have you purged?  Do you have some way to avoid the expense of replacing everything when you want to dress again?  I’d like to hear all about it!

Ms Olivia