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I love corsets, bustiers, and have a particular fondness for something called tight lacing.  This blog post is inspired by Jenni/Ivory in an answer to a question I asked on our adult social networking site Enchantrix Empire.

Adult Social Networking

If you haven’t been to Enchantrix Empire, you really should check it out.  We have interesting conversations there.  Some posts are sexy, some are naughty and some are about a bit of everything ranging from kink to life!  It’s great (and free) and we’d love to *see* you there.

His and hers corsets

So, back to the topic of corsets!  Jenni mentioned that she loves corsets.  I call Jenni HER because that is how she sees herself.  I do know the differences between a transgendered woman, a crossdresser and a sissy!  There is also a difference in various types of corsets.  For example, do you know the difference between a bustier and a merry widow?  

 Tight lingerie on a crossdresser

Sometimes you love to wear things that shape your body into the lovely feminine form.  You might also like the feeling of being trapped in your feminized clothing.  Whatever the reason, I’d like to hear from you.  Do YOU like corsets, bustiers or other shape wear?  Don’t limit yourself to foundation wear.  As you can see from this cross dresser, a pencil skirt does the same thing!

Hi Olivia,
I know you know how much of a turn-on cross-dressing is for me 🙂 I adore all the trappings of overt femininity and get a particular kick from the business look – smart, fitted pencil skirt and so on. Dressing this way is sooo very distracting that I never get any work done 😉

At a recent session I discovered a liking for restriction that I suppose my love of pencil skirts and heels might have hinted at… the lovely lady who was lacing me into my corset kept pulling it tighter and I kept thinking how nice that felt, and in the end she had to check… and I said ‘no, I like it… keep going!’. Luckily she understood (‘good girl’ was what she actually said!) and I spent a delicious few hours very tightly corseted.”

Ohhhhhhhh, I like the sound of that *gasp* as the corset gets tighter and tighter.  What about YOU?

~lipstick kisses~

Ms Olivia