This sissy needs advice

One of the many things I love about phone sex is that this is private.  You can explore your erotic fetish fantasy in the privacy of your own mind and our sexy conversations. This is especially important if you are a sissy or a crossdresser.  Femdom Constance makes this point in her erotic story series about a first experience in crossdressing.

When fantasy isn’t enough for a crossdresser

Fantasy phone sex is wonderful for a variety of sexual fetish play.  Sometimes the sex kink involves a blending of fantasy and reality.  This is especially part of crossdressing since fantasy alone usually isn’t *enough* for a crossdresser … a huge part of the arousal for the cross dresser is to dress in feminine clothes.

That means having all the lingerie and other femme items that make you feel the way you want to feel.

Fem clothes and purging

Time after time I hear from the cross dressing community about the issue of purging all the items that you love!  I can’t imagine how this feels.  I did have an apartment fire when I lived in DC and I lost everything (My dog was with Me so he was okay.)  I do understand about LOSS but I know it’s not the same as purging a wardrobe.

Sissy kathy asks a question in a previous blog comment.  She brings up the issue of purging and since this is a very common issue among men who crossdress, I’m turning it into a blog post.

Real questions about handling sex desires

As many of you know, this blog is about solutions to real issues that those of us in a kinky or fetish sex community face.  I do handle many of these topics on phone sex calls and I’m always surprised to hear from a sissy that she has tossed hundreds of dollars worth of clothing, makeup, etc because she is conflicted about her erotic desires.  So, let’s hear about the conflict in her own words.

Letter from sissy kathy

Hello Mistress… thank you for suggesting this way for me to pose my questions to you. My issue is resistance and purging. Recently, I split up from a girlfriend of a year. This followed a recent bought of me surfing the internet for all types of sissy and feminization material, including some ((sessions that LDW doesn’t do)). I keep getting this urge to become a cum guzzling sissy slut.

I’ve done it before, in spurts (wink). I’ve probably been with about 60 men, but only a few times in full femme. It turns me on like nothing else. Some days, all I want to do is become a woman. But I’ve bought the clothes, the wigs, the shoes so many times, and every time I just end up masturbating and then lose the whole edge of it for a while. Often I purge. Then I go at it again later.”

The cycle of purchases and purging

I did a poll on our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire, about the issue of purging for men who crossdress.  The TV or TG women appear to have more acceptance (eventually).  Admittedly the Crossdresser Purging poll is NOT scientific but it looks about 50 – 50 as far as people who are purging.  (other respondents aren’t crossdressers, but left comments — thank you!)

Mistresses have some ideas about how to keep your items safe.  Ms Constance and Ms Gemma both talk about using storage lockers.  Pantyboy cautions that patent leather shoes MELT when left in a hot attic!  ~laughs~  Jamie Rose has an apartment and is incredibly generous with our community.

Some people have talked with their partner … Jamie Rose and pantyboy both have a spouse who is supportive.  Steph and Pamella are committed to living as their female selves.  GO girls!

How do YOU handle your self-acceptance of whatever your kink is?  Chime in on that question or direct advice for sissy kathy.  Thanks!

Ms Olivia