** Ms Olivia audio of the cuckold confession **

Mistress loves a cuckold confession

I love to hear what other women do to beta males.  I think that cuckolding is the ultimate tease.  So when a man calls to confess that ‘his’ woman has turned him into a bitch I first ask for all the details because of the many types of cuckold relationships. Just like there are many types of tease and denial.

Some confessions end up as erotic stories

Remember the series of cuckold stories about the pretty girlfriend who is a slut for him and not her submissive and small boyfriend?  In fact, these sorts of stories are based in fact.  For example, when I talk to my super hot girlfriends I will often suggest that they see if their boyfriend or husband is a candidate for cuckolding because it really is so great for the woman!

phone sex caller

That’s exactly what happened to one caller who dialed this Mistress because where else do you talk about being a cuck?  It was early morning and his wife is not home.  She went out with the girls the night before.  Oh she might have started out with a girls night out but we both knew she went home with a hot guy and fucked him.

Emotions all over the map!

This husband was on the roller coaster of emotions.  His confession?  He said, “This is humiliating and exciting at the same time.”  Well, YES that is the swirl of emotions this type of relationship.

 confession to his Mistress

You’ve had just a taste of his particular journey into being a cuckold.  I’m going to tell you more about him and his experience in a future blog.  For now, I want to hear about YOUR experience.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia