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Did you see the beginning of the cuckold story in the blog comment from weenie wimp in the earlier cuckold stories post?  Look down in the comments for the one by weenie wimp.  This comment continues from that first comment.

Cuckold turn ons

When I talk with someone about being a cuckold I always point out there are so many ways to take this hot wife fantasy because there are many ways for a cuckold to get turned on.

Cuckold torment by the hot wife

I never cuckold someone by accident — even if it looks like an ‘accident’ to you.  I always have a cuckolding plan and it’s usually one that involves the tease and denial, torment and humiliation of the cuckold. ~wink~ You know I do so love to tease you, don’t you?

Cuckold fantasy from one phone sex caller

Here’s the cuckold fantasy.  I really liked it, so I’m recording his words.  Enjoy!

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock ….. I know its hard to believe, but until that moment I had never really thought that my penis was that small (its about 4″ -okay 3.5 “).

At that time, without the internet, I honestly didn’t really know what size was normal.

my stomach was in knots as he stood up to meet my wife. She looked at me and said sweetly, “Are you sure this is okay, honey?” I sat there mute, totally unable to speak, even though in my brain I was screaming “of course NOT!!!!!!!”   He said “well lets get this party started then!!!!!!” before I could say anything. The next few minutes are literally a blur for me , but the next clear memory I have is looking at her in the throws of her 2nd or third orgasm and he was literally pounding her pussy, stretching her cunt lips and penetrating her to his balls with each thrust. This sight changed me forever, seeing a man about twice as long and MUCH thicker than me go balls deep in her and hearing the sounds of pleasure she was making that she never made with me – and how easy it was for her to orgasm with him …over and over …whereas with me it was always difficult and now in retrospect I was wondering if she had ever really had an orgasm with me. I was torn apart at that moment, humiliated, and at the same time had such a boner. I was the moment I knew I was a submissive (although I never heard that term until years later) ….. there’s lots more to the story too, but when you said ” be careful what you wish for” – it sent this all rushing back for me.

What do YOU wish for?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia