Do you need a cum eating assignment?

Some of you are cum junkies and love to eat cum.  Even dedicated cum eaters love a naughty, sexy project and that’s what this cum eating assignment is all about.

10 day edging builds a big load

I want you to edge but don’t cum for 10 days.  You can edge for a short time each day or you can spend hours edging.  The stroking time you spend is up to you but I do NOT want you to cum.  Don’t cum for 10 days.  Instead, save your pre cum and see if you can get several pre cum cubes like happened in this cum eating assignment.  My Mistress tumblr page is still active if you want some … ahem … sexy, erotic pics to inspire you.

When you DO get to cum

As you can tell from the other post, he let the pre cum cubes slowly dissolve in his mouth while he’s jerking off.  His balls are so full and aching.  You know he’s going to have a huge load of cum to gobble up!  Here’s what happens:

“As I continued to jerk off I let my taste buds fully explore the taste and texture of the second precum cube eventually swallowing it down at the very exact moment I came in the small shot glass. For the grand finale a 10 days worth of cum felt as the most appropriate chaser 🙂 down it went in one big gulp!

I felt so satisfied in the end in what I have managed to accomplish to be honest.

All credit to you on pitching the idea to me :)”

You can call me the idea factory! ~laughs~  So, what will I do with you? Hmmmm?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia