Question from a caller about cum eating

This guy has a question about his cum eating fantasy.  Here’s the thing, his splooge slurping FANTASY is really fucking hot and he gets ALL worked up thinking about taking that hot creamy cum load.

BUT ….  perhaps you know what’s coming here (pun intended) …. once he HAS cum to eat, he loses all desire to eat his own cum.  I call this the cum and GO syndrome!

Cum eating success

One of the reasons why I like to blog about cum eating success stories is that there are a lot of you who think there’s something wrong about WANTING to eat cum and then not doing it.  Here’s what he wrote:

“I’ve been trying to swallow a load for a long time 🙁

“I can shoot it into my mouth, but can never seem to swallow. I have had some pretty big loads in my mouth, dripping from my cock, exactly as I want, but it changes. All I want to do is let it slide down my throat, lick it from my lips like in the movies etc. Why can’t i?”

 audios that inspire you to eat your own cum

Why can’t you eat your own cum?  Well, a lot of people experience that.  This is one of the reasons why I do lots of posts about cum swallowing.  Did you know I share a blog that is all about cum eating?  Take a listen to some free cum eating audios.  As you can tell I have lots of ways to turn your hot fantasy into reality!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia