He knows his destiny is to be a cuckold

Listen to me tell you about the cuckold life.

Who do you talk with about your cheating wife?  I know this makes you incredibly hot but we both know it’s often not easy to handle emotions that come with being a cuckold.  I get it.  A Mistress will usually have a certain amount of compassion for you but make no mistake about it:  If you can’t sexually please “your” woman she will fuck a real man.

You don’t measure up

You know it.  She knows it.  There are many types of cuckolds.  Your particular relationship will be unique but it doesn’t disguise the fundamental truth.  One caller talks about this fact of life:

“Being the Cuckold in the relationship with Women became a way of life for me.

There were times I was fully aware of the fact the Dominant Woman I was in a relationship with was having sex with Alpha Men to please Her and give Her the many earth-shattering Orgasms that She so rightfully deserved to have, only to have me as Her Clean Up Bitch, licking Her Beautiful Goddess Pussy completely clean for Her after She was filled with His Alpha Male Cum!”

Learn to be the best beta

If you want to keep her in your life you will need to learn what she does need and want from you.  Sometimes that will be a cleanup bitch, sometimes you will get her dressed for her lovers, sometimes you will snuggle with her because she is sore from her sexual exertions … you get the idea.

I want to hear what your sexy girlfriend or hot wife is doing.  I want to know how you feel about what she’s doing and why.  Tell me everything!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia