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One of the most common concerns for many men who call phone sex is a worry that I (or anyone) will find you or your sexual fantasy ‘creepy.’

At first, I laughed because, after all, I am a phone sex Mistress …. so, logically if I find you creepy then I am equally creepy simply because I am the provider of phone sex.

What IS creepy?

So, let’s talk about the whole nature of being sexually ‘creepy.’ Do you worry that your sexual desire for a sexually Dominant woman to control your cock and orgasm is outside of the so called sexual norm?  Do you wonder if a woman thinks that a man in lingerie is odd?  Are you worried that thinking about being a man sucking cock makes you someone you don’t ‘want’ to be?  In short, do YOU wonder if I think you (or your particular erotic fantasies) are creepy?

I could ask you the same question.  Do you find Me to be a ‘bad person’ because I do phone sex that caters to all the sexual fantasies that I’ve described.

If you’re ‘creepy’ then I’m an above average slut!

Short (and serious) answer, I am not a creep, a (bad) slut or a (bad) pervert.  And, neither are you!  Your sexual fantasy is not bad or even outside the norm.  What turns you on is what turns you on.  End of story.  That’s the reality of the physical chemistry of arousal.  Now, let’s talk about the reality of linguistics.

I’ve done blog posts about handling your sex secrets.  I’ve done blog posts about reclaiming the word pervert in a self sex positive way.  If you’re familiar with My blog, then you can probably see where My thoughts will go on this topic but, let’s go deeper and that means asking questions.

I came across a blog called ‘the good men project’ and one post asked the question “Why do we demonize men who are honest about their sexual needs?’

It’s pretty much a Catch 22 situation for you guys, isn’t it?  You’re expected to initiate the sex, but not be tooooooo aggressive.  Expected to be ‘attentive’ to the woman, but not toooooooo submissive.  Encouraged to tell your partner what you want sexually but what if that includes fantasies with bi sexual themes like strapon play or cock sucking?

Where have you been caught in a Catch 22 with your sexual and erotic desires?  And, what have you done as a solution?  Can you please tell Me?

Ms Olivia