Are you a cuckold or do you want to be?  There are many types of cuckold relationships. Listen to my sexy voice in this audio as I go over some of these popular cuckold fantasies.

Do you see yourself in any of these roles? Remember, your erotic desires are unique. This is why it’s important to talk with someone who not only “gets it” but thoroughly enjoys cuckolding.

The cuckold confession

I love hearing your cuckold stories. The basic idea is this: the woman is in a relationship and fucks another man or other men. She has all the pleasure of hot sex.. The cuckold has the pleasure, pain and frustration of being the cuckold. There is no simple answer to the question: What is a cuckold?

Audio porn: talking about cuckolding

Imagine listening to her tell you about her sex with a superior man.This can be something like: She is out all night. She comes home obviously fresh fucked. Maybe you get to clean her up while she tells you all about it. This can be sensual, humiliating, or all the emotions swirling together.  

Alpha male versus beta male

I know some cuckolds who are alpha males in their professional lives and beta males in private.  Calling yourself a beta male acknowledges that her lover is superior to you.  Sexual humiliation is incredibly powerful when the woman understands how to do it. Ms Erika and I do a BDSM kink podcast called The Weekly Hot Spot.  Check out this episode on Sexual Humiliation 101.

She wants a big cock and you don’t measure up

In the podcast on humiliation, you’ve heard that humiliation can be mean, sweet and gentle teasing or a mixture. I love doing gentle humiliation with some intense trigger words. That way it’s a mix of all the sensations.

Do all cuckolds have a small penis?

Often, yes they do, but not always. Even when size doesn’t matter, the bull is “better” in some way. Sexually superior BBC is one of the most popular searches on porn sites. Are you submissive? This description might apply to you. 

“I am definitely a natural born cuckold! Submissive and naive; my ex-girlfriend used and manipulated me into the “friend zone” while she fucked and sucked YOUNGER; STRONG studs.”

The submissive cuckold

Cuckolding is one way to really send your partner into the subspace that every submissive craves. The cuck might end up serving his wife’s lover as well as her.  Or maybe the Bull is the Dominant over the couple.  She is his little slut and her cuck hubby also becomes the submissive bitch. Cum eating trains a cuckold and prepares him for sucking the bull’s cock.

Sissy cuckold husband – pussy free for life

Turning a partner into a sissy cuckold is especially exciting.  This might be humiliating but it doesn’t have to be. This can be a really sweet, sensual dynamic.  The feminized male often is her best girlfriend.  He hasn’t been culled from her life. His role in her life has changed.  The sissy might be allowed to clean up her pussy but otherwise he will be pussy free for life. One cuck explains:

“I watch a lot of cuckold porn as it is my dream and fantasy to become my wife’s sissy faggot cuckold husband. As for what category, I am definitely a Submissive Cuckold who wants to please and serve both my wife and her lover.”

Cuckolding is the ultimate tease

No matter how these popular cuckold fantasies are expressed in your relationship, this is the delightful swirl of conflicting emotions.  It hurts so good really applies here as this submissive man explains:

“There is the distress of the cuckold angst…..But in truth, a cuckold would not have it any other way! Women deserve satisfaction and cuckolds must serve.”

I think all women should consider being a cuckoldress. For her, it’s the best of everything.  A partner who loves her and supports her emotionally and financially along with a lover who makes her scream in ecstasy from the amazing sex.

Back to the original question: are you a cuckold or do you want to be?  I can’t wait to hear all about your fantasy or experiences when you dial 1-800-601-6975. Let’s talk!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia