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You’re at work.  Maybe you’re horny.  Maybe you’re just a little (or a lot) bored.  Maybe you just want something to do. ~laughs~  There are a lot of reasons why men wank at work!  Remember, phone sex is wicked fun in the office!

Sometimes it’s just as simple as you love the Mistress cock tease anywhere and any time!   You know who you are!  ~grinz~   And, I know who you are too!  So, this blog post is for YOU (and you and you and you!)

Public stroking or private masturbation?

There’s one public stroker who loves the thrill of “almost” getting caught while masturbating.  He loves to touch his cock under the desk while leaving his office door open.  He’s the one in the conference room with a very red face when others walk into the room.  I totally understand that the thrill of almost getting caught is enticing, just please remember that the ALMOST part is way more exciting than the actually getting caught jacking off at work.  I tend to suggest a bit more privacy.

Jerking off in the bathroom

Don’t be shy about calling phone sex from your office bathroom!  I know exactly what to do with you when you can’t say anything!  ~grinz~  I am the cock control Experienced Mistress and I can pace things simply by listening to your breathing.

Shut your office door and stroke that hard cock!

Imagine Me walking into your office and perching My perfect butt right on the edge of your desk …. smiling at you as I urge you to take your cock out to show Me how you will stroke for Me.  I love to watch men masturbate for Mistress.

I’m always curious about you.  Tell Me, do you masturbate at work?  Have you ever been so horny that you simply HAD to jerk off while you’re at work?  Tell Me all about it!

*** I’ll be back on Wednesday October 24th and I’ll be so excited to talk with you again! ******


Ms Olivia