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Listen to me read you this blog about being caught in my Mistress panties.

Awwwww, tsk tsk tsk.  You’ve been sneaking around and checking out my lingerie basket.  ~nods~  I know you have.  There’s no way to deny it.  In fact, I have the perfect sissy trap to catch you.  Of course, you might be a man who yearns for feminization.  GENDER is not one size fits all.  I know you might be a crossdresser, a sissy or transgender.  It’s now my job to find out.  Hence the panty trap.

Submissive in feminine lingerie

If you are submissive, I might get to do whatever I want with you.  ~laughs~   Mmmmm, doesn’t that sound very …. ahem …. interesting.  Here’s what one femme girly girl has to say:

“First if ever allowed near your place I would want you to catch me in your panties. Of course, I’m yours to do with as you wish, slutty whore, lesbian lover, coerced bi activities, sissy maid or any ( or all) of the above.

Locked away with skimpiest panties and matching bra. Corseted, locked of course to give me the figure you desire. Highest of heels locked so when you are away I can’t take them off just for a second not that I’d want too.

Completely under your control to obey all commands and wishes, your dress up play toy.”

Mistress always has plans

I make no secret of the fact that I love to be the woman in charge.  No matter what kinky or naughty games we play, I like being the one who directs the action.  How will I control you?  What will I do with you?  Mmmmmmm, don’t you want to find out?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia