There is normal masturbation and then there is the intensity of cock control. Since this is Masturbation May, let’s make sure you get the most out of this month-long celebration of self-love.

Cock stroking challenge

Check out this week’s episode of The Weekly Hot Spot. My partner, Ms Erika, and I talk with five of the ladies participating in Ms Erika’s Stroke-A-Thon Challenge. 

We know you can get it up but are you really UP for this challenge?  Ms Erika has a deliciously wicked plan. When you get the stroker application from our Phone Sex Assignments store, you begin the excitement with Ms Erika. She will email with you (and any of the other participating ladies) to set up your stroking challenge sessions. We suspect we know what’s happening as you read this – listen to Ms Erika’s insight about your boner!

Can you handle a multi Mistress JOI session?

This stroking challenge is different from what we usually do which is tease and denial, orgasm delay or chastity. This time we try to get you to cum and you, dear horny strokers, try to hold out for your allotted stroking time. If you can hang on without popping your load, then you get prizes! This is something different and so much fun! 

Try these masturbation tips

This week’s episode of our kink podcast, The Weekly Hot Spot, features quick interviews with some of the ladies involved in the mini stroke-a-thon.  Check out: Are you ready for Masturbation May?

Each lady gives instructions for a favorite stroking move. Of course, if you’re a fan of the podcast, you know that pretty much anything goes. Here’s a couple hints:

Ms Harper tells us about her dream penis.

Goddess Fiona inspires a conversation about small penis humiliation..

Goddess Rachel describes a three part masturbation move that is so creative.

Mistress Danica sparks a conversation about our own personal masturbation habits.

Ms Daphne points out that while male masturbation is called stroking, her favorite masturbation is the cock squeeze used in conjunction with the stroke moves.

Best lube for your masturbation

The best lube is the one that feels the best to you. That said, why not try something different this year just to change things up. You can always go back to what you know you like but check out the Lube Reviews on the Intelligent Femdom blog by Miss Constance.  I love natural oils as lube. Try some coconut oil or olive oil for a nice finish that will make you smell like a snack.

Who came up with Masturbation Month?

Masturbation Month started nearly 30 years ago by the sex toy shop Good Vibrations.  It’s billed as as “the annual sex-positive, awareness-raising international holiday.”  It has … GROWN (pun intended) into a big (ahem) deal.  WE celebrate masturbation all year long but I still think it’s fun to celebrate and hey, we all love an excuse to have a party, especially a sex party!

How do you celebrate if you’re locked in chastity?

Well, YOUR chastity excites ME so I’m very happy to celebrate enough for the both of us! Part of being in chastity for your Mistress is knowing that you are serving her. By the way, if you’re curious about chastity, chastity cages and more check out our podcast interview with William at Mature Metal chastity cages.

Are you ready to give yourself a hand?

I have a couple of short audios I’m working on right now. This month inspired me to look up slang names for masturbation.  I’m surprised at the differences between genders for the slang.  You’ll hear what I mean in the next blog post. In the meantime, what are you doing to celebrate this month?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia