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I am a hot wife.

I cuckold my husband.  I’ve always loved sex and I’ve never been shy about wanting to be with men but when I got involved with my husband I tried to tame my ways.

You know, he’s a great guy in so many ways.  I really do love him emotionally but I want MORE sexually and now he’s my cuckold.  My husband is the man who buys me things and my lover is the man who makes me cum.

Worried about the feelings of that beta male

As a cuckoldress, I have been on my own erotic journey.  Any woman who is into this lifestyle also has to experience and sort through emotions.  I play on my cuckold’s natural tendency to get aroused by the fact that I love sex with other men.

Cuckolds get so excited by watching ‘their’ woman with another man.  At first I was worried I might hurt my husband’s feelings but then … raw sexual desire begins to take over and in the heat of my passion, I find I don’t care what my husband thinks or feels.  My Alpha Man is there and his cock needs attention.

Cuckold lifestyle

I know I have a great life.  A beta male to support me and I have an Alpha Male to fuck me.  What’s not to love?  I have the best of all possible worlds.  And, my cuckold will be trained to do exactly what I want.  The cuckold lifestyle is a journey and I am really enjoying the ride (in more ways that one!).

Ms Olivia