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Are you a pervert?  CLICK HERE to hear the audio of this blog post.  I did a blog post about how I’m using the term pervert when I ask, “Are you a pervert?”  And, I really want to know how you see yourself and if what you call yourself matters to you.

Searching the internet for sex

Many people tell Me that they got interested in Femdom and Woman in Charge fetish themes by searching on the internet.  Some say they really didn’t even know what Female Domination was until they started their research.  Many people start the journey with a simple search about cock control.  One of the really great things about the internet is that you can search for one thing and get other suggestions and check those out too.  Some people say that is how they ended up curious about spanking or other aspects of BDsm.

Does the internet create a sex fetish?

What do you think?  For Me, I know that porn and all the sites that talk about various sex acts inspire My creativity.  When I first started doing phone sex I had no idea about the Giantess fantasy and that is now one of My all time favorite styles of fetish play because the Giant Woman is VERY creative!  But, I don’t think that merely finding, reading, or watching these sorts of things on the internet could ‘make’ Me any certain way.  But, I do know that the availability of information has influenced how I live and act in many ways — sex is just one of those ways.  I dont’ think it’s a bad thing to learn more about passions!

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Which cums first question

So, back to the question here.  Does the internet and the plethora of kinky sex on the internet create a fetish or does it reflect what is already there?  What do you think?

Ms Olivia