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Awwww, you look so very macho, don’t you?  But, it’s a lie.  I know that you really want to be in lingerie and I’m here to make sure that we turn you in to the best sissy ever.

For THAT you’re going to end up as MY pretty BRIDE in a wedding!  ~smiles~  I know what you secretly want.

How do I learn your secret desire to crossdress?

Oh there are ways and believe Me, I’m skilled at all of them!  I will coax out all those secret cock sucking desires of yours!

You’ve got them hidden under your male persona, but they’re not hidden from Me!  I can spot someone who really needs to suck cock for Mistress.

This is not about being mean or yelling at you.  That won’t be effective.  This is about being nurturing, sensual and very understanding.  I know that it is difficult to look like a man when you really yearn to be a crossdresser and look like a woman!  And to make matters worse, if you’re a sissy then you might need a bit of a strict touch occassionally when your wayward self gets to being too naughty!

Tell Me all of your secret sissy needs and desires.

As we talk remember, I’m the Experienced Mistress and I’m an expert at turning men into sissies!  You might just find yourself turned into a panty wearing cock loving cum slut!  And sissy … you’ll be slurping up a lot of cum for Mistress!  Oh wait, lets reapply your sissy lipstick!  ~smiles~

Ms Olivia