The recent conversation here about masturbation really got Me worked up.  I revisited the poll on our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire, to get your special requests for hot erotic audios from this Experienced Mistress.

In the coming (so to speak) days, I’ll be posting sexy audios for all the categories listed in the Audio Ideas poll and/or from comments.   I love your comments and the conversations we have with the comments and replies.  THANK YOU!

Power exchange is a popular topic and this sort of Dominant/submissive play can have all sorts of variations.  One in five people voting said they wanted power exchange and that number goes up when adding all the kinds of kinky scenes we can do.  For example, the office is a wonderful setting for hot scenarios. And it’s the setting for this free erotic audio. This audio goes out with nods to bigal, castaway, and tommie … and the others who asked for power exchange audios but didn’t leave a comment. *wink*

Power exchange is the common theme in most phone sex scenes where the caller is the submissive to the FemDom. The image of a powerful woman feminizing a man is very hot. And, one of the most popular forms of the feminization fantasy is where the man is humiliated for not being a man, turned into a sissy and then further turned into a cuckold. I love to do erotic audios of the drama of the hubby, sissy, cucky LOL

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Ms Olivia