Erotic humiliation is an art form.  It requires an Experienced Mistress who knows how to get inside your head and really make you squirm.  It’s a specific sexual kink that walks the fine line between pain and pleasure. My very special pet describes it as a ‘rollercoaster feeling.”  Phone sex is a fantastic way to find out if erotic humiliation arouses you.

What a phone sex caller has to say about erotic humiliation

pet describes the rollercoaster:  “The feelings are fear, anxiousness, once you’re going up the hill there are thoughts of “why am I doing this?  Am I crazy?”  But in the middle it’s fun and exciting. And, when it’s over, you’re glad you did it and want to do it again.  But, then it’s scary again.  Sometimes you look at the rollercoaster and chicken out a few times but if you’re really drawn to it eventually you’ll ride the ride.”

What happens during the RIDE of erotic humiliation?

Generally it’s participatory.  The Mistress has you do something that you wouldn’t ‘normally’ do.  (For Me, anything in public has to be legal, safe and sane.)  For example, there’s an amazing feeling (for Me and you) about making a man wear panties or dress in women’s clothing that goes beyond just the sensual pleasure of simply crossdressing as an erotic experience.  Dressing a man in panties is a very FUN way to inspire that rollercoaster feeling of erotic humiliation.  When this is done on cam with Me watching it becomes erotic public humiliation that is highly charged.

A caller describes his first roleplay call with me

I was very stern on this call (yes I have a sensual voice and can be very commanding with it).  He was on cam.  We’ve talked before in the Community Kink Adult Chat Room but we really had a chance to ‘connect’ on IM before the call itself.

He says he experienced, “… the rush of excitement when i had to slip those panties on in front of you when i was hard.  Hearing your laugh was just a feeling of ecstasy.  But i still couldn’t believe it — earlier I was called the handsome man wearing my guy clothes now here i am in front of a gorgeous woman in a pair of ladies panties then a dress.  The feeling is hard to describe  — it’s a mix of ecstasy, horniness, but complete humiliation and loss of control at the hands of your mistress.”

Part of the experience of erotic humiliation is when you are *ordered* or *made* to do something you find embarrassing.  One man recalls, “I remember the first time I had to tell the Victoria Secret salesgirl I was buying panties for myself but didn’t know what size I wore….. my stomach was in my throat, I was sweating and blushing, and my legs felt rubbery.  When I was doing it I was very excited.  Part of that was knowing that someone (Mistress!) was on the phone listening.  When I was done I was very happy. ”

He got hard just TELLING Me about his first experience with public humiliation.  Then I got a phone call and stopped IM-ing with him; he wrote to tell Me that he jerked off and shot a fantastic load of cum just from the memory.  That is how powerful this is for those who are attracted to the sexual kink.

Is this exciting to YOU?  I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Ms Olivia