I love hearing from a cuckold

Listen to my voice tell you about the evolution of a cuckold husband.

There are many reasons why you end up a cuckold:  you have small penis or are otherwise unable to please your wife sexually.  Maybe you are just a beta male in the bedroom and she knows that an Alpha male will fuck her so much better.  She probably won’t be mean about it.  Many woman don’t want to hurt the men they cuckold — it’s just she knows she deserves great sex and you don’t give her what she needs.

Types of cuckolds

There are different kinds of cuckolds.  Your woman might have a plan or she might be cuckolding you casually at first and then getting more deliberate.

Evolution of a cuckold husband

Here’s a conversation I had with a beta male:

Beta Male: “About 2 and a half years ago,- she told me she wanted to take on a female lover,- and was not into cock anymore …”

Mistress Olivia:  “WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL ………….I think we can safely amend that statement, don’t you?  She’s not into YOUR cock anymore!”

Beta Male:  “After 3 or 4 months she started dating men as well …”

Mistress Olivia:  “Did she tell you about the other men?”

Beta Male:  “No, sadly not,- but she has never hidden it from me ….”

He works, she plays

Awwwww, here’s what he does:  cooking, cleaning, house stuff, fulltime job AND takes her shopping.  Here’s what she does: Fuck whomever she wants.  Hey, now THAT sounds like a good thing — for HER.

What’s your cuckold story?

I want to hear all the juicy details.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia