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Many of you have experienced a hot 2 Mistress call with me and my dear friend Beg for Mistress Ms Delia.  Yes, we ARE friends in real life … as well and wicked fucking hot together on your phone sex call.  You can follow us both on tumblr:  Ms Delia on tumblr and Ms Olivia on tumblr.

Music for fetish scenes

I got to thinking about fetish scene music recently.  Here’s an IM convo that I had with Ms Delia about music that inspires our various kinky play!

enchantrixolivia: Hey there!

empress.delia: Hi!! How are you?

enchantrixolivia: I follow sex music on tumbler!

empress.delia: Sex music? Do tell!

enchantrixolivia: and there are some really great suggestions for fetish scene music.

empress.delia: WOW

enchantrixolivia: I know!

enchantrixolivia: the tumblr site isn’t for fetish sex per se

enchantrixolivia: but some of the music I hadn’t heard and then BAM I’m like, woah, this would be great for a scene

empress.delia: Well, I am all about fetish sex

enchantrixolivia: I KNOW!

enchantrixolivia: ~laughs~

enchantrixolivia: That got me curious

enchantrixolivia: what kinds of scene music do you use

empress.delia: I use a lot of different types of ambient stuff

empress.delia: I have some Sarah McLaughlan trance mixes

empress.delia: It depends on my mood, I guess

enchantrixolivia: do you have one particular scene music

enchantrixolivia: that gets you in the Mistress mood

empress.delia: Something HARDER like Puddle of Mudd – Control is great for rhythm

enchantrixolivia: I mean, they DO need to BEG FOR MISTRESS!

enchantrixolivia: ~grinz~

empress.delia: Enigma, Enya

empress.delia: LOL. Yes they DO!!!

enchantrixolivia: OMG…….Enigma is so great….very trancy and great for scenes

enchantrixolivia: Do you like NIN – closer?

enchantrixolivia: I want to fuck you ….. like an …. etc.

enchantrixolivia: gets me VERY Mistressey!

empress.delia: I LOVE NIN!!!

empress.delia: Honestly, “Smack My Bitch UP” by Prodigy can get me into a VERY toppy Domme space

enchantrixolivia: I love that.

enchantrixolivia: hahahahhahahahahahhahah

enchantrixolivia: I love when you’re in that toppy Domme space.

empress.delia: It is an amazing feeling!

empress.delia: Totally hot!

enchantrixolivia: You know, we need to do another 2 Mistress call …. both of us nice and toppy is SO GOOD!

empress.delia: I totally agree!

So, here’s our question to YOU?  What music gets you in the “mood” …. hmmmmmmm?

Ms Olivia