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Experienced Mistress schedule and appointments

This is part of a series on how to choose your phone sex Mistress and specifically how to find out if you are a match with this Experienced Mistress.  You can always get one on one assistance from our Live Help desk.

There are so many great LDW Group Mistress choices, it’s possible for you to find a really great fit for exactly what you need. We both know that there are many factors to what you need: fantasy, creativity, non-fantasy talk, voice, phone sex style and more.  Some of the more mundane choice options are things like her schedule.

If you want to do a call with me, here’s what you do …. Ahem …. Call. Here’s my schedule.

I am logged in during the day (eastern, US time zone). I’m here by 7 am and often by 6 am.  I’m an EARLY kinda gal.  I’m never on past 7 pm eastern time at the latest. While I do take appointment requests outside my regular hours, I no longer go way outside my hours. Here’s why.

Appointments and scheduled hours

I do special things for special callers. Here’s why I changed my appointment policy. I had a long time caller who begged and pleaded for an appointment at 11 pm my time. I’m an early morning kinda gal but I took a nap, got up at 10:30 pm and was all set for our 11 pm appointment. He didn’t show up. Later when I asked him why he didn’t show up for the appointment he said a guy friend came over and they went to a movie. Indeed. I changed my appointment policy. Now, I don’t do appointments outside of pretty regular hours. I’m so sorry for the late night guys but that missed appointment was the final straw in a series of interesting appointment experiences. I do have Mistress friends who are on during the late nights. Feel free to email me if you’d like recommendations.

Email is good customer service but it is NOT a free session with Mistress

If you want undivided, personal, explicit time with this Mistress you know how to get that — if you’re not able to call then I can help  you get an email package.  Please know that my attention to you is a gift from me to you …. I like giving gifts but not when it becomes a demand.  My email is olivia AT enchantrixempire.com

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia