Feminization is a great way to experience all the sides of a Mistress …

… and yourself … especially if you are a bit late to the sissy party!  Listen to me tell you all about what to do when you have feminine feelings and urges.  Please don’t get all caught up in the sissy label becasue that might or might not apply to you. And also note that simply being a man in panties doesn’t mean you’re feminine at all!


BUT when you want to be a girly gurl …

Don’t be shy about exploring feminization — take the advice of this self proclaimed sissy.

“What was good about discovering my sissy side later in life was that it was perhaps. less confusing to me than it seems to be for younger TS or TG or TV “gurls’.

Starting with panties, then eventually adding a silk nightie, to wearing full lingerie, bras, breast forms, dresses, skirts, thigh highs and ? heels (I have a lovely red pump) … each step was exciting and new. I simply loved the way I looked and felt in woman’s clothes.”

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“The delightful crossdresser continues after I ask that question:

“I do wish I had started years ago … but while I always wondered about alternative lifestyles and marveled at how brave they were… not to mention how wonderful and happy many cross dresses seemed after their metamorphosis in full drag… I lacked the courage to experience it myself for years.”

A Mistress can help you be femme

… and can often help you with all the swirl of feelings that goes along with any sort of gender play.  The lovely submissive gurl continues:

“I am soooooo happy I did and thankful to the ladies of LDW for making it FUN and being so excepting! I don’t feel gender confusion as some do. I’m not looking to ‘be’ a woman… I’m just a more enlightened and prettier me.! Lol Like Eddie Izzard once joked … I don’t consider my sissy outfits ‘woman’s clothes … they are ‘my clothes’ I bought them! ?”

I love that last comment.  So, when you want to get YOUR girly girl on — you know what to do!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia