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Do you have sexual fantasies about eating your own cum, tasting cum or cum spurting out of a cock?  You are not alone!  This is one of the most intense erotic desires of all the kinks. This Experienced Mistress is an expert at seducing, coercing and encouraging you to eat your own cum.

Your desires are unique.

You are unique.  That means the expression of your sexual desire is unique.  The arc of your arousal is distinct to you.  This Experienced Mistress finds out about you and then creates an arousal arc that touches all of your sexual buttons.

Not all cum eaters are the same

It is important that your Femdom Mistress knows YOU.  That allows Me to use My creativity to pace your phone sex session in the best way for you.  There is a very big difference between the sissy slut who gobbles cum for Mistress and someone who is into the rush of erotic humiliation when Mistress says, “Eat your own cum, NOW!”

What do you do when you have a sort of nameless urge and desire?  Then, it’s time to turn to the Experienced Mistress.  You urges become so much more satisfying when you have an experienced cum coach to guide you, encourage you and show you all that you know you want.

Again, it’s ALL about you as an individual:

Man:  Over the last couple of years I’ve developed this fascination with eating my own cum…. All the stuff on the internet is degrading and the talk nasty which turns me off. Its an embarrassing fetish but I think if the right person can talk me through it I may do it. Enjoy dirty sweet talk and someone encouraging me to do it.

Are you ready to be encouraged?  Are you ready to explore?  ~smiles~  Ahhhhh, I think you are ready.  Aren’t you?

Ms Olivia

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