Your feminization

Listen to my sexy voice as I read you this feminization blog.

This Mistress loves to …. ahem … encourage your feminization.  You and I both know that there’s a very sexy girly girl inside you, and she is just aching to …. ahem … come out and play!

Feminization and chastity

Oh, I know your chastity – even without a chastity cage – means you will not be able to get ALL the way out to play but putting you in chastity ensures that you really experience your journey to your feminine self.

Sissy play time

Do you have a naughty sissy inside you?  Hmmmmm?  Are you wearing slut panties right now?  Do you yearn for Mistress to make you do all the things that a sexy sissy loves to do?  I know you do!  Let’s get your bimbofication started right now … when it’s time for your sissification, it’s time for you to slip on sexy bimbo lingerie and confess all your naughty secrets.

Classy feminization

This blog is inspired by a comment by a very sexy crossdresser friend of mine who says that chastity really helps her to concentrate on her feminine journey.  Here’s her comment:

“I am going thru a very strong feminine time 🙂 I was day dreaming about our wedding and I could just picture You in that smashing pantsuit and me in my ball gown dancing and you say, ” Darling you have made so much progress since our engagement and I know you are looking forward to being out of chastity, but I want you to become so much more girlish. You seem to be responding and I want the lovely process to continue so I think at least another year in chastity is best for you. You will become the woman you were meant to be.” With that you kiss me deeply and say “Darling we are going to be doing a lot of kissing.” 🙂

Being more girly

What makes YOU more girly?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia