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You know that Mistress has *plans* for each crossdresser this New Year!

By now, you’ve seen the posting and topics just for you girls!  I love when we talk about all things feminine.  Sometimes the blog posts will be sensual or sexy and sometimes the topic with be serious things like how to talk with others about your crossdressing.

I know that YOU are individuals.  Some of you love to dress like a woman because you’re a lipstick lesbian when feminized.  That means you’re a crossdresser who loves women!  Others of you yearn to be the naughtiest sissy slut with My Femdom girlfriends or men!  And there are so many more of you, aren’t there?  The variety is fantastic! ~smiles~

So, what shall I DO with a feminized girl?

There are SO MANY things that are available!  Here’s one possible feminized fantasy sent in from a delightful girl!

“… this kept me awake at work mon tues. you and i were having a few drinks celebrating my retirement. you asked what my plans for the new yr was. i just blurted out. i would like to start the yr new . doing something differant. get a new perpective of the world.

i saw that mischevious smile as you said that you could arrange that. with that you grabbed your phone and left. in a few minutes you came back. you then asked me to trust you. you have it all planned.

after a few more drinks i dont remember much. but when you wake me i have long brown hair d cup breasts and in lingerie.

i ask the stupid question what the hell happened. you said you just helping. me start the new yr differantly. now get out of bed you must get dressed for the party. you cant decide what i should wear –something that if i’m not careful my new tits will pop out or something to really show them off. formal or cocktail dress of course fuck me pumps. then to our new yrs party where everyone one will see the new me. cum the next question will it be a happy new yr  yours nancy”

What is YOUR fantasy about seeing this New Year from a more feminine perspective?

~lipstick kisses~

Ms Olivia