Femme wardrobe time

Listen to me talk with you about your transformation into feeling feminine all the time.

I love spring time and all the new fashions.  There are so many beautiful things to wear!  OH and don’t forget the sales!  Even if you don’t dress en femme a lot, there are all sorts of ways to feel feminine in your daily life … whether you call yourself a sissy or crossdresser I tend to leave the label up to you.

Why you wear feminine lingerie and clothing

Building your lovely lady wardrobe means you appreciate at least these three things every crossdresser needs to know.  If you had to choose just one item of clothing or one action that puts you in your girly place … what would it be?  For example, I have a dear sweet friend who now wears nail polish to work.  She looks at her hands and remembers who she is.  How awesome is that?

Back to your feminine closet

You might be able to openly display your items or you might need to keep this side of you private. No matter what your circumstances are — you really need to do something to keep your lady side happy.  When she is happy you will be happy.

Oh and one final thought.  If you can’t build a wardrobe and have to hide your girly things … then at least take a luxurious bath!  This is something you can do discretely.  Bubbles are best when using Mr. Bubble or just put something scented in the tub even if you have to rise it off before you leave.

I’ve got lots of tips and ideas!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia