When you explore a fetish

Listen to me read you this blog post.

I got a great question in a blog comment:  “Around what age do you feel most men begin to explore other sexual ideas/new things and why?”  This is the type of Mistress question that I love because it makes me think and I like that.  I know from my own fetish exploration that it really is a journey … just like all of life.  As each of us grow, we change and learn.  I’m not the person I was in my 20’s and that’s a good thing.  As we add years, we also add experiences and that means a more nuanced appreciation of life.

Feminization as an example

I’m going to use feminization as an example: I’ve always been non-judgmental about gender and curious how each person describes his or her gender.  Being open allows me to explore many sexual role-play and feminization scenes from a position of acceptance, grace and joy.  I know some vanilla women get freaked out if a man wants to explore his feminine side.  I think those women are missing out on some amazing relationships.

Naughty and kinky

I’ve also noticed that erotic fantasy life changes.  Just like you got tired of eating kid-friendly meals, you get tired of the same fantasy decade after decade. Here’s how one caller describes the thrill of the naughty:

“It wasn’t until recently that eating my own cum, being a sissy boy or possibly even sucking a dildo for the thrill-sucking the real thing will never happen for me..I’m not gonna reveal my age but I’m established professionally, work hard and have what most would call a typical kinda life.  Who would ever know I’m dying to eat my own cum and can’t? “

When is the right time to reveal a sexual fantasy?

I’m going to post my answer in the next blog post because the caller asks a specific question about cum eating and his girlfriend.  For now though I will say that anyone explores a new fetish because of various reasons: boredom, an adventurous spirit, it looks naughty.  There are many reasons why and the question about WHEN to explore is this:  Whenever the urge hits!  ~laughs~ You had to see that answer coming, didn’t you?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia