Fetish style of Mistress Olivia

I’m getting lots of question about my fetish style on our calls.  I think these are all fantastic questions — with some similar answers.  The short answer is, I like our intimate and naughty connection with the emphasis on CONNECTION.

I think phone sex has the unique ability to provide a safe, private way for people for explore what you (often) can’t explore in your regular day to day life.

Fetish style: Sensual or Strict

I am either and I am both.  I can be downright strict and mean with the right person who wants a hardcore domination session.  I can also be so sensual and delicate that it is not really domination at all but is more of a sexy woman in charge type of vibe.  In short, I like SEX and I like the variety of ways to have it.  Here’s your audio answer to your questions about my Mistress Style.

Variety of free erotic audios

I’ll add more audios as I make them ~smiles~ but here’s a link to my audio page on Experienced Mistress.  There are LOTS of different audio topics!

Are you enjoying what you’re reading and hearing?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia