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Ms Olivia’s cum eater

He said he was nervous about calling me but once we got to talking he opened up (literally) and made a series of confessions during his phone sex call.  I asked why he was nervous about calling me because I think I’m pretty approachable but you never know.  ~laughs~  Sometimes nervousness is part of the fantasy scene and I’m being literal so I asked him what he meant by the comment.  You’ll find out what he said towards the end of this blog post.

Better masturbation experience

He masturbates alone.  Sometimes he listens to our Mistress free sexy audios.  He loved the erotic audio I did about a guy who sucked his own cock for Mistress.  He watches porn.  But ……..

There is a big difference between the experience of masturbating with someone and doing a solo jerk off.  He knows this so he called the Experienced Mistress as his cum coach.  I know all kinds of tricks including how to find the perfect cum eating position for you.

What can a Femdom Mistress make him do?

That’s one of the things he wanted to find out.  He had the sense that I can make a guy do anything …. And, as he found out, I can.  ~laughs~  Ohhhhhh, yes!

Mistress turns him into a cum eater

He has tasted his cum before but, this time, his fantasy is a bit different.  He wants to become addicted to his own cum.  ~smiles~  He goes on a cum slut journey courtesy of Ms Olivia.

Are YOU ready to go on your own erotic journey?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia