Stroking for a long time will be easy

Listen to my voice tell you about long-term stroking.

That’s the top misconception for someone who has never experienced extreme cock control.  I am here to tell you; this is not easy.  If you’re interested in long edging and orgasm denial sessions, then you are someone who likes a challenge.  You rise up to the challenges from your Mistress — literally!

Long-term tease and denial will be comfortable

Nope.  Now, I do want you using lots of lube because chafing is no fun at all.  If you need suggestions for lube, Miss Constance’s lube reviews on the Intelligent femdom are the perfect place to start.   Check out this quote from a caller:

“Just completed the 2-hour stroking session. I was struggling quite a bit around the 1,5-hour mark but got past it with more lube and higher pace.”

I don’t have to REALLY follow the instructions from my Mistress

No, you don’t.  But then, why bother getting instructions for long stroking sessions?  Part of the thrill of this sort of guided masturbation is meeting every Mistress challenge and hearing me say, “WOW pet I’m so very proud of you!”  I like giving you assignments and goals.

Note that my favorite edging partner wants to go beyond the assignment from Mistress.  It’s not just about the length of time, it’s also about following instructions:

“Balls seem to have doubled in size…
Thank You for this Miss Olivia! I’m loving the pain and pleasure, and feel confident about the edging session tomorrow.

If I was blue-balled at midday, I simply don’t know how to describe my swollen tender balls now …..

I’m extremely horny!! Would, despite the pain, go on if allowed….

Thank You again, Miss Olivia! You really set me a wonderful goal for the week!”

I can edge for a really long time on my own

Yep, you sure can.  Go do that – solo edging is always an option.  I know, this play is always more fun when you report back to your Mistress.  Remember, if you want to be a sexual masturbation athlete, get a coach.  That’s what all the best athletes do.

I can help you with your edging.  Let’s talk and make this happen.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia