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Every time I ask you how much interaction you want before a phone sex session I’m always told, LOTS!  So, it’s time to address that question.  You can see from My blog that I’m generous with My time and attention.  I like to answer questions, be a guide and even flirt with you on IM before a session.

The very things like make Me welcoming on IM can (and do) also limit My ability to do the free chats between calls!   I want to explain this because yesterday several men on IM were trying to do the *warm up* to a session and then call — but they couldn’t get through to Me because of the guys that actually called while they were still warming up.  For them, it became a not so sexy form of tease and denial!

Warm up before a session

I know that people like to do phone sex foreplay!  LOL  That’s the IM warm up.  I get  questions from sissies or crossdressers who ask, “Mistress what should I wear?”  Regular callers will IM asking Me to create a new fetish fantasy or erotic scene for them on IM so they can think about it (stroke) before calling.  Others will want Me to get them *in the mood* before they call.  When you wait to book a session or call, you run the risk of not being able to get Me at all.  I’m not advocating calling before you’re ready, but I do want you to know what your choices and options are so you can make informed and realistic decisions about what you DO want.

IM availability and what happens on My end

When I’m logged in I keep My yahoo IM set to available.  You’re more than welcome to IM Me.  This means that when I’m logged in I might have as many as a dozen different IM windows open, chatting with 10 or more people about a variety of topics.  I interact with each person in rotation.  That means there will be delays in My comments to each individual.  And, when I get a call or a session I stop the free IM chat.  So, from your end you’ve got delays and then gaps of time between My responses.  I’m also not as *attentive* or *present* as I am in a session because I’m multi-tasking.  If you’d like to wait, that’s fine!  But if you get frustrated, you have options – you can get My total and undivided attention immediately with a sexy texting session or a call.

Creating a scene on free IM chat

Since I usually have multiple IM windows open and engaging in free chat on a variety of subjects I don’t create ‘new scenes’ for your fetish fantasies during the free IM chat.  I’m not in the undivided headspace of YOUR erotic fantasy and I’m not going to shortchange My art of creating fantasy.  If you want undivided attention and specific fantasy creation then that is available in sessions.

We have LOTS of free stuff to enjoy —- totally fun sissy assignments, wicked humiliation assignments, free erotic audios on all manner of cock control and MORE!  We also have a free adult social networking site where you can interact with Mistresses and like-minded kinky people.   Enjoy!

Comments?  Questions?  Reaction?

Ms Olivia