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Are you looking for feminization audio from your favorite LDW Group Mistresses?  Check out our girly forum site Get Girly.  You can find sissy audios, coerced feminization, femme tips and even training topics.

Request your own feminization audio

Here’s part of an audio request from a sissy on the site:

“Look at this red lipstick I bought from the store today when I went shopping. This red lipstick is so pretty, isn’t it. I love the names they have for the different red lipstick shades, they’re so cute.”

I really want to see what you would look like with red lipstick on. Mmmm, I could just imagine you wearing like a really, really red lipstick on your lips. 

Ohhhhh, I saw what you looked like with red lipstick on when I kissed you the other day with red lipstick and left a red lipstick print on your lips. 

I thought if the red lipstick were put on you properly, it would look really good. 

Mistress makes sissy wear the lipstick

The feminization scene continues with this:

“I dare you to wear red lipstick. What do you mean you don’t want to wear red lipstick, you have gorgeous lips that are just made for red lipstick. 

I can see you’re a bit shy. How about I apply this pretty red lipstick to my lips, just to show you there’s nothing to be afraid of. aww you think this red lipstick looks pretty on me, thank you. 

Come on, it’ll be fun to wear red lipstick.”

What happens to sissy?

Mmmmmm, don’t you want to know!  Let’s create together!

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