5 free sexy texting minutes added to your sexy chat session

Check out the previous blog for all the details of how to get your sexy texting with this Experienced Mistress.  The five minutes free (with purchase of a session) is good for today only).  You might not be able to do a sexy texting session today and cash in on the freebie but this is the perfect opportunity for me to suggest using a sexy texting session to line up your call.  After all I know it’s important to you to have time with your phone sex Mistress.

How to get what you want in your phone sex or sexy chat session

I will interact with you for free.  That’s a given.  I’m more than happy to do that.  I love keeping up with people between calls and helping to understand your erotic fantasy before a call.  We always say that communication is very important to have a great phone sex session.  There are a couple of things you do need to know about how I handle the free IMs and emails.

I give you unpaid time and attention on MY schedule, not yours.  Please don’t get demanding or needy.  There’s a solution to getting my immediate, personalized and undivided attention.  What IS that, you say?  Well …… ~laughs~ …. ~hint, hint~  …

Okay listen, here’s the deal.  I get emails.  Yesterday I went back and forth on email with a guy into chastity.  THREE HOURS of emailing.  Did he call?  No.  Now, I’m lucky in that I have lots of calls and regular callers so it’s not like I’m sitting around hoping and waiting for him to call.  BUT what that build up with no reward (for me)  does is it makes me sort of cringe when I get an email from him.  I feel a bit slimed and frankly I don’t WANT his call now.  So, you might think you’re scamming free time from Mistress but the reality is that I might decide that I don’t want to play with you.  That’s just telling it like it is.

Back to the sexy texting.

Give that a try if you’re shy and don’t want to say what you want.  You still get my undivided, personal and explicit attention on YOUR timeframe rather than having to wait for a response as I answer you between calls.

Comments?  Questions?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia