sexy texting with Mistress OliviaHave you tried sexy texting?

If you’re curious about sexy texting with this fast typing Experienced Mistress then NOW is the time to try it!  You get FIVE MINUTES FREE texting with the purchase of your 10 minutes (or more time) texting session.   There are SO MANY reasons why sexy texting is HOT.  This is your chance to have a sexy chat with Mistress and have the undivided attention that you get from when when you do a session.  This 5 minutes free sexy chat with purchase of a session is good for TOMORROW Tuesday Sept. 13th.  As always, I will chat with you for free when I have free time available.  Those chats won’t be explicit or about your fantasy per se … if you want an actual session, just get an actual session.  ~laughs~

How to get your sexy texting session

We can do a sexy texting session on Yahoo IM or Skype.  You go here to get your sexy texting session time. If we’ve already done a sexy texting session then you know what to do.  Just tell me in IM or Skype IM that you want to add the 5 minutes free coupon to your session and we’ll PLAY!

New to sexy texting?

Are you new to sexy texting?  Here’s what you do:

  1.  Add me on yahoo IM and Skype.  My yahoo IM is:  enchantrixolivia.  My Skype is:  Olivia.800.356.6169
  2. Send me an IM asking if I’m available for a texting session.  I use the status on YIM that shows when I’m on a call but I don’t think most people can see the status because so many IM while my status says busy.  Therefore I’m saying just send an IM — I don’t IM while I’m in another session or call.  If I don’t respond right away, you can check this blog to see if I’m BUSY in a session.  That’s the button on the right side of the blog:   (green – available), (yellow – busy) or (red – away).
  3. If I’m available, get your session time and IM me the email you used to get your time.  I’ll confirm your time with the Dispatcher and we’ll be able to PLAY right away!
  4. Just that simple AND that hot.  You can use your 5 minutes free texting coupon 1 time / hour.

Are you ready for sexy texting?

Ummmmmmmm, I am!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia