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Masturbation is our pleasure

Did you know that we have a huge network of sites for your cock stroking masturbation pleasure?  I think I’m focused on the concept of FREE because next week I’ll be the Featured Mistress for a day of free phone sex minutes for you!

So, continuing on that theme…let’s look at the LDW guide to free phone sex!  Some of the sites that I love are the bootcamp assignment sites.  If you like erotic humiliation and you need to check out our humiliation bootcamp and do the assignments!  Post a comment to the post and let the Mistress know how much you …. ahem …. appreciate her wicked teasing!

As you may know I adore crossdressers!  I do get a lot of interest from sissies who want assignments away from sessions.  We’ve got a site that is full of all kinds of sissy assignments.  If you’d like to find sissy assignments by Me, then just put Olivia in the search box.

There are a bunch MORE sites and ways to interact with this Experienced Mistress, or any of the other Mistresses!  Please remember that I’m not going to be checking emails or answering IMs while I’m on a call.  If you’d like to get personal and undivided attention focused just on you, then you know how to do that.  If you don’t, send Me an email to olivia AT

If you’d like to see what other callers are saying about Me or any other Mistress, you can look up our phone sex reviews.  WOW, even as I”m writing this I”m realizing we have a HUGE amount of stuff for you — and the vast majority is FREE!

Here’s your question, what is your FAVORITE LDW site and what do you like most about that site?


Ms Olivia