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What does it mean to be the submissive in a Dominant/submissive relationship?  CLICK HERE to hear the audio of this blog post.  For some, it’s expressed as cock control, where the control of your sex organs are handed over to Mistress.  For other people, the actions can include any level of erotic pain play like spanking.  No matter what the actions are, the psychology is erotic submission.

Submissive Partner in a D/s Relationship

What is it to be the submissive partner in a D/s relationship?  Like most things in our world I think the answer is, it depends.  And I’m not saying that simply because it’s easy to hedge conversational bets and not piss anyone off by avoiding opinions.  I have opinions, I express them.  Most times those opinions come with wordy comments so I like the posts to be more about what YOU think.

What is erotic submission?

I’ll get you started with a couple of comments.  The first is from magnus:

 “…submission is what one makes of it. For me, it’s a giving of one self for another’s pleasure.”

I love that definition, it’s short and simple AND it doesn’t tell the whole story (and you know magnus wrote more!  LOL  He’s like Me!  You’ll see more of his comments in other posts!)

What does submission say about you who submit?

Alice Wonder says she believes she has a submissive nature so this is an expression of who she is:

“It is something I enjoy giving to a dominant woman, but I would like to emphasize the word give.  In role play my submission is something a dominant woman can demand of me, but only because I have already given it to her. My submission is a gift I enjoy giving to a dominant woman who enjoys receiving it. If she doesn’t want it then I cannot give it to her. If I do not want to give it she cannot demand it of me. In that respect, we both, on that level, are still balanced and equal because we both are voluntarily entering into the dynamics of a dominant/submissive relationship. Submission is thus an expression of freewill.”

Is submission to a Dominant Woman a sign of weakness?

Submission as a sign of weakness?  Hardly.  Some people get confused because of the naughty names used in erotic humiliation or the wicked pain play during a scene.  But submission itself is very different from the “actions” of the scene.  Those who think submission is a sign of weakness don’t understand the nuances of erotic power exchange.

It takes strength to submit

A true submissive is very strong as one submissive describes what it takes to be a male submissive.  Now, to your questions….what sorts of gifts have you given as a submissive?  Alice you gave Me a very lovely gift on My Featured Mistress Day and I thought of you as I typed the question ~smiles~.

Ms Olivia