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My friend, the lovely Ms Layla is a Tantrika and She is graciously giving you some ideas for your pleasure!  Enjoy!

Tantric Yoga Positions

One of the many ways you can explore Tantra is through Tantric yoga positions.  These positions not only help you regulate your breathing they help you achieve greater and more intense levels of pleasure.

Tantra isn’t just about sex….but I guarantee you will discover a deeper pleasure than you have ever had before!  Don’t worry you won’t be twisting yourself up like a pretzel!

Here are a few poses to help guide you towards Tantric bliss.  I suggest a phone sex cam call so I can watch you and share in the experience.  There’s nothing more connected than partner yoga!

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose sounds very simple but definitely takes time to master.  Stand at the edge of your yoga mat and rest your hands down at your side.

How long before you slump?  Five seconds?  Ten?  I bet you don’t last long during a tease and denial session either!

Mountain pose is about posture and the grounding of your feet.  Your body should be light but your feet should be grounded.  That doesn’t mean you should curl your toes or press your feet into the floor.  It does mean that your energy is more focused at your feet.

Take a deep breath in and exhale.  Don’t let your mind wander….just focus on your breathing and letting your breath fill your entire body.

Tree Pose

From there you will move into tree pose.  Tree pose shifts the position of your cock, making you more aware of it.  It is this awareness that will give you pleasure.  But remember, there’s a difference between awareness and distraction.

Take your right foot and place it against your left thigh.  Use your breathing and posture to help maintain your balance.  Fold your hands into prayer position in front of you and hold.

Now breathe.

As you inhale, draw air and energy from your surroundings.  As you exhale, release the air into your body filling every single spot from your fingers to your toes.  Take time to focus on each body part.  When you come to your cock, stop and really experience the feelings of pleasure and erotic awareness that are a result of your deep breathing.

Hold this position as long as it feels natural and then switch legs.

Remember, you must learn to control your cock.  The more you practice this pose the more you will discover inner reserves of strength and control.  These two things will help you achieve greater, deeper and more intense orgasm with the ebb and flow of your breath.

Relaxation Pose

The final pose is relaxation pose.  Lie on your back with your legs a few inches apart and your hands down by your side.  Breathe normally as you adjust your body making yourself as long as possible.

This pose is about relaxing your entire body, mind and spirit so it is important that all of you feels completely at ease.  Take a moment to notice all parts of your body.

Are you aroused?  Great!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel relaxed at the same time.  Don’t focus on the physical feeling, but rather your state of being.

Easier said than done isn’t it?  This takes a lot of practice.  Breathe deeply for a few cycles of breath and then sit up.

You are well on your way to learning the art of Tantric yoga!  Stay tuned for more yoga positions.

Ms Layla