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I’ll admit it.  I love to hear YOUR voice!

Your tone and timbre, the words you use, the *gasp* as you catch your breath.  The sound of your voice turns Me on!  Which is probably one of the many reasons why phone sex is so much fun!!

A number of you have discovered just how easy it is to call an American Mistress!   I’m glad I get calls from all over the world because I think YOUR accents are delicious. You can hear My *accent* in this erotic audio.

Whatever words you use, you know what *feels good* when you masturbate, don’t you?

Solo masturbation can get boring!

Let’s face it, what you’re doing now is fine but less then great.  Oh sure, you still get the release …. but, is there the real thrill of excitement in the build up TO your orgasm? Perhaps the whole thing is even beginning to feel a bit mechanical and unimaginative.

Guided masturbation is way more FUN!

When your stroking becomes monotonous, then you’re ready for guided masturbation.  I am the Experienced Mistress and I take men on a masturbation journey that allows us both to enjoy your cock stroking!

What is guided masturbation?

It’s more than just new stroking techniques, but that IS part of it.  You learn new skills and become proficient in a variety of cock stroking styles.

While I don’t HAVE a penis, I have played with so many I know what I’m talking about!   I have a wealth of knowledge that can turn you inside out with pleasure.  You hear My voice encouraging you, experiencing YOU as you stroke for Me …. all this and more, are some of the things that take your erotic enjoyment to the next level … and beyond!

Let’s not forget that there is also My lovely American accent and choice of words that will also take your masturbation to new …. ahem…..heights, as it were.  ~laughs~  You do know that an American Mistress can be a wicked cock tease, don’t you?  I use My imagination as you can hear in this erotic audio *wink*.

Ms Olivia

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