Do you have a sissy butt plug?
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Listen to me talk with you about getting a sissy butt plug.

I have all kinds of tips for being the best sissy.  Being a full-fledged sissy is more than just wearing cute clothes.  I want you to be prepared to pleasure men with your lips and your sissy hole.  That means you need to learn to be an anal slut.  I’m going to add anal play to your sissy training lessons.

I met a FABULOUS sissy recently.  She is delightful in so many ways.  I was surprised when she said she had only used dildos in her fuck hole.  I sent her out for a shopping assignment and she came back with a butt plug!  What a good girl!

Put in the butt plug cupcake

At first, she said, “Oh oh it feels like it’s slipping out.”  This Mistress knows anal and I coached her into making sure the plug is all the way in and seated correctly.  It shouldn’t slip out.  You will know when it’s IN.

Her reaction when her sissy hole is filled

I just love this special cupcake.  She is such a slut!  She squealed:

“OH OH OH that feels so good!  ~gasp~ ~panting sounds~ Ohhhhhhhhh it feels so good to be filled!!!”

Difference between a dildo and a butt plug

I love sex toys.  Different sex toys make you feel different sensations and emotions.  She volunteered this review:

“A dildo is like getting fucked.  When the butt plug is in there, I think it’s to make you feel like a sissy.”

The squirming sissy slut with big boobs

I love a big titted sissy and sissy Ashley has enormous bouncy boobs! Big tits are the hallmark of a sissy bimbo.  She is going to get a lot of use out of her new butt plug.  I’m always happy to teach you how to get and use new sex toys!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia