… but we both know that an Alpha Male has a big, thick, meaty cock — here’s how I found out about my date’s shameful secret.

** Listen to me tell you this sordid and sad tale. **

Alpha Male?  How exciting!

Bar scene — drinking — sitting with girlfriends and starting to dish on the guys in our lives — and the guys that WANT to be in our lives.  I tell the story of my … hmmmmm, I’m still a bit flabbergasted about this so I’m not even sure WHAT to call it.

I met this great guy through a friend.  We lived in different cities so the getting to know one another phase happened on the phone.  In my fantasy life he had a big, hard cock and you know Alpha Males can do no wrong!

Everything clicked — interests, sense of humor, ambitions, etc. The brain really is the most powerful erogenous zone in the human body.  That’s sure true for me, engage my brain and you’ve got a path to my heart — get into my heart and damn straight that’s a solid shot at my pussy! I digress.

Fake Alpha Man

The painful truth about a long distance relationship is neither party can SEE the goods, so to speak. I was so HOT for him, so fucking hot I was out of my mind horny.  I hopped on a plane and went to visit him. So far so good. He’s okay looking. Not a super stud but not bad — certainly within acceptable parameters.

We go to lunch, he shows me around his town, we’re getting to know one another in person after being so intimate on the phone.  Then … I can’t believe what I’m NOT feeling when we’re making out on the couch. He’s saying things like, “I’m SO HORNY for you.  I want you SO MUCH.” I’m beginning to hear the warning bells going off in my mind.

Does penis size matter?  Ummmmm, short answer …. yes!

Stay tuned for part two — coming up in the next blog post.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia