What happens when a man meets up with a former co-worker who gives him a job and then invites him to something called The Monster’s Ball? He made the mistake of asking for my help so I offered to choose his Halloween costume. This is a story about control, revenge, transformation and sexual pleasure.

Ms Cassidy starts the Halloween Blog Train by pointing out that anything can happen at The Monster’s Ball. The stories might be spooky, silly or sexy – all you have to know is that it will be lots of fun. This story is fun for ME. What about for you?

I’m the boss lady now.

You come back to town and call me to “catch up” and maybe even hint around about a job with my company..Hmmmm, did you forget about us competing for the same position years ago? I haven’t forgotten or forgiven you for screwing me over to get the CEO spot. Remember how you shrugged it off, saying oh well, it’s just business. I left that career because of you.   

Turns out I got the last laugh. You’re here, dumped by the same guys that gave you the job that was rightfully mine.  I went on to create a very successful boutique lingerie company. You are unemployed and broke. I’m the CEO. Awww, looks like the tables are turned. 

Revenge is oh so sweet.

Ms Scarlet has a sweet blog post about kinky candy for The Monster’s Ball but I think the sweetest thing is revenge. Oh I love having you plead your case and then be so grateful when I offer you a job. 

You work hard and do a good job. I call you to my office and say,“Tonight is the Monster’s Ball and the big celebration.We all deserve to relax after all this hard work.Let’s go to a spa for a relaxing day before the party.”

The expression on your face is priceless as you stammer, “A spa? I’m a guy, I don’t really do spa days.That sounds dumb. Besides, I have no idea what I’m going to wear to a costume party.”

The car service pulls up as I guide you outside, “Oh don’t worry..Do you want me to choose your Halloween costume?  We can talk about it at the spa. It’ll also give us a chance to discuss the new division and clarify your new role with the company. Now that the coding work is done, I don’t need those skills so we’ll talk about what comes next for you.”

I know you need this job and can’t afford to say no. Of course you reluctantly come to the spa with me. You don’t have a choice. Do you?

We both get massages and meet up after.I say, “I’m going to get my hair and nails done. I’ve booked you time in this relaxing sensory deprivation chamber.” You look nervous but I smile encouragingly, “This will clear your mind before we talk about your new role with the company.” 

You are transformed from a guy to a sexy woman

When the cover opens, your eyes blink at the sudden bright light. I hold out my hand, “Come on, let’s take a look at you.”  You say, “Oh, I feel funny. How long was I in there?” As you sit up, you see something unusual. You gasp, “ OMG I’ve got breasts what the hell happened” 

I calmly say, “When you sabotaged me at work, you said it’s just business. Since it didn’t bother you to fuck me over I thought you wouldn’t mind being fucked over as well. So I decided to do it. This machine uses nano-technology to change you at a cellular level – those boobs are real. Go ahead, feel your big breasts, I had a really good time picking the right size for your new breasts.” 

I hear the hint of fear in your voice, “But I don’t want to be a girl. Change me back to me. Stop this. I didn’t agree to this.”

I hold up some papers, “Oh but you did agree. Look. That’s your signature isn’t it? You are now transformed into a stunning woman who will be my assistant at work and my sex slave at home. I’m sure you’ll get used to your new submissive lifestyle.”

You start to struggle as you gasp, “Oh this is BS, turn me back right now or I’m going to the police!”

My laughter has a hint of cruelty, “You’re more than welcome to go to the Sheriff if you want, she’s a good friend of mine.  She’ll be at the Monster’s Ball tonight if you want to say anything.” 

He wants me to choose his Halloween costume

You originally wanted some casual advice about what to wear to the Monster’s Ball.

As you gaze at your new body, I hold up silky panties, “You’ll need to wear appropriate clothes now.  Put on these panties. Good. Now, let’s get you into the bra. Wow your breasts really are nice and big.”

I’m commenting on your body as I dress you in your sexy Halloween costume. You’re almost crying as you sputter, “But but but….”  

I give you a questioning look and point out, “Well, you DID ask for my help with your costume. You said I should pick out what you wear. Were you just trying to butter up your new boss?” 

I gleefully say. “Awww, not what you expected?  Too bad. You’re going to be my girl from now on. At work, you’ll be my assistant then at home, I expect you to serve me in any way I want.Tonight, you’re going to be the party favor at our annual Halloween bash. I still remember hearing you laugh about a date, telling the guys that women are only good for one thing. Now that you’re a woman, you’ll get to find out! All the ladies are very excited to meet you!”

Tricked into being feminized

You look at yourself in the mirror seeing a curvy, sexy woman: perfect makeup … glossy pink lips … long, flowing hair … erect nipples showing through that sheer lacy bra.  “You look so hot, you’re likely to get arrested for disturbing the peace. How appropriate that I’m going as a sexy cop. You’re my prisoner in more ways than the obvious.” 

As I help you into your costume, I point out, “You told the guys at our old company that I was sleeping my way to the top. That wasn’t true, but it will be for you.  I’m the CEO now and you will have to sleep your way up from the bottom. Speaking of a bottom…” I slap your ass and squeeze a breast, “Get used to it, you’re here for one thing and it’s not your coding skills.”

As a matter of fact, you can start right your new job now. Get down on your knees and lick me until I cum. We might be a little late to the party, and you’ll have that fresh fucked look, but you’ll get used to being used. You’d better get used to it, this is your new life.”

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