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WOW! Sometimes I get surprised at the cock stroking expertise of some of you!  And, I am REALLY impressed when you are able to withstand some serious cock tease and denial and have a masturbation marathon with me.

Your Masturbation Mistress

I’m on twitter and you can tweet me ( @MistressOlivia1 ).  Often some tweets with followers and other LDW Group Mistresses will inspire a blog, audio or just general tweeting naughtiness.  I can’t remember who started the tweet exchange.  It was probably Ms Constance because that Intelligent Femdom loves Masturbation May!

How long can you masturbate?

We got to tweeting about how long everyone can masturbate.  I mentioned that my longest phone sex call was 13 hours.  One tweeter replied, something along the lines of omg, the chaffing!  ~laughs~  And I said, not if you’re using the right lube!  At any rate, it was tons of fun going back and forth with those tweets.

13 Hours for a Phone Sex Call

That super long call is not typical, BUT I will say that some of you can really stroke for a good long time!  I had a recent caller on cam for me and he was AMAZING.  It was so hot!  Three hours of guided masturbation, tantra techniques and fucking hot mutual masturbation for us both!  ~smiles~  Ahhhhhhhhh, I love it when we can both thoroughly enjoy ourselves on your call.

What’s the longest you can stroke that cock?

So, here’s your question:  How long can you stroke that cock?  You can slow down and even take your hand off to keep from cumming, but it has to be in the same cock stroking session (you know what I mean).  How long can YOU go?

That’s your question for Masturbation Month!

Ms Olivia