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Are you a crossdresser?

What exactly does that mean?  It generally means that you’re a man dressing in woman’s lingerie or female clothing.  BUT, you know that I realize many of you actually ARE female and (for lack of a better term) put into the wrong body.  It’s sort of like ordering a dress in pink and getting the dress in blue.  There are many labels for men who like wearing women’s clothes.  Remember only YOU can define who you say you are.  A label is only a starting point.

Are all crossdressers gay?

Short answer … NO.  Longer answer, crossdressing does NOT mean you are gay.  YOU are unique.  Your dressing has many motivations and styles of expression.  These can and will change.  That’s part of the fun of life!  I got this email from someone who describes his love of dressing en femme beautifully and uses a great analogy!

Hi Olivia,

I’m not a big fan of labels generally, whether in this context or any other. I was having this conversation with my bro-in-law just yesterday, who’s a keen and committed cyclist. I love riding bikes too – in fact it’s my job (those legs are the result of many hard hours in the saddle! ;)) but I’d hesitate to tag myself ‘cyclist’ just as I don’t see myself as a ‘motorist’, even though I drive 20,000+ miles in a year. But I digress…
I’m not TG, because I’m happy with the male ‘me’ 99.9% of the time. I do have a need to express an inner femininity though, in this rather peculiar way that I don’t entirely understand i.e. to dress in an overtly feminine way and to allow myself to experience and explore the sensual and sexual feelings that go with that dressing. So I guess that makes me a male who likes to dress. I’m acutely conscious that dressing doesn’t make me female in any way at all – in fact, most of the things I love about women (speaking as a hetero male here) have nothing to do with what they wear. Dressing is therefore pure fantasy, but one that has a powerful hold over me. I clearly can’t change it, so it would be a good idea to come to terms with it instead.

How do you describe your crossdressing?

Does that quote resonate with you?  How do you describe who you are and why you like to wear women’s lingerie?

Ms Olivia