Teamwork and phone sex

Many of you know I’m a baseball fan.  My team was one and done in the Wild Card; but hope springs eternal for baseball fans.  Come spring training I’ll be back to rooting for the NY Mets.  For now, though, EVERYONE (almost) is cheering for the Cubs!

As I watch the parade, I’m thinking about what it takes to make a winning team.  One person doesn’t do it solo.  It never works that way.  In the coming blogs I’m going to tell you a bit about our phone sex TEAM here at LDW Group.  I’ll also highlight some very special callers who are also friends!  Let me close by saying, THANK YOU for helping to make us the winning team in phone sex.  Oh wait, winning rhymes with sinning!  ~laughs~ More of the naughty next … from …

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia