Okay ….. here’s the Holiday Spirit post …… Ho Fucking Ho.

That’s it.

Seriously …… Okay, I’m getting a little punchy here about the holidays and I did promise to do a Holiday Spirit posting to update my blog.  I must confess that I’m veering all over the place emotionally this holiday …. as many of you know I just moved across the country so this is a time of Transition for me and holidays are more about tradition than transition …. so, it is bittersweet … this letting go of one environment and going to the promise and hope of an unknown future.

That’s all pretty philosophical for a Phone Sex Blog but I’m hearing from many of my callers that holidays can be an *interesting* times for you as well ….. interesting ranging from emotional to hysterical.  One caller said he couldn’t call Me because he could just imagine his little niece asking, “Mommy, why is Uncle  spending so much time in the bathroom?” …. OMG, could you even IMAGINE the conversation there ….. and of course Uncle is trying so HARD not to MOAN out loud as my seductive voice and creative masturbation instructions bring him to a fantastic orgasm.

So …… in celebration of the HOLIDAYS ….. and all that time of year tends to require, inspire and perspire …… let’s turn to ….. Tom Lehrer …. and his very special Christmas Carol.

Are we having fun yet?  Are YOU having fun yet? ….. hmmmmmm, if you’re NOT then why don’t you call Me …..  and then we can get into Trouble together which is always oodles of fun.

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