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Ever had a hot neighbor fantasy?

I know you have!  How do I know this?  I’m the hot wife next door and I’ve been engaging in a little “neighborly” tease and denial.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying teasing that cock of yours.

My unusual cuckold husband

Oh yes, I’m married but my husband travels a lot so I have a green light to get my sexual needs taken care of by people who are in town.  Not only are you in town but you’re my neighbor!

Ours is not the traditional cuckold relationship — he really IS an Alpha Male and he’s not into the cuckold humiliation stuff.  There are MANY types of cuckolds.

One hot neighbor fantasy from a phone sex caller

I love it when you leave hot fantasy scenes in blog comments!  Here’s one phone sex fantasy that inspired this blog:

“You’re the hot housewife next door. Am a new neighbor that’s been around for a few months now. You’re husband is a busy man and travels quite a bit too. We’ve gotten to know one another and I’ve been over doing a few odd jobs as well as visiting you. Unknown to me you’re husband as granted you a fantasy of yours to keep you happy since he’s away so much working.

Over time you’ve been flirting with me getting me to fall for you, and you’re certain I’ll likely fall in love with you. At that point you’re fantasy is set in motion. Now that I love you, the only way I can be with you is as a cuckold. You love your husband but I’ll be your cuckold toy boy. Hope you like the idea, and can think of evil ideas to roll with. “

What would YOU fantasize if I was your sexy neighbor?  Hmmmmm?

Ms Olivia