Erotic Fiction Fest

Read. Enjoy. Stroke if allowed.

The lovely ladies here are all about steamy, naughty sex for the entire month of April!  Here are the links for our erotic fiction festival!  Scroll to the bottom of the post to see a lovely photo!  ~wink~

Thank you to everyone reading The Choice and the next installment The Mistress and The Decision.  I love that you’re taking your time to leave comments!

Thank you for your support.  Those of you who follow Me on twitter ( MistressOlivia1) know that this is a learning curve, I’m nervous but I’m all about the adventure of doing new things!  So, when I challenge you it’s not because I’m mean (per se) it’s because I enjoy a challenge as well!

Featured Mistress Day

I’ll be the Featured Mistress on Friday April 26th.  This means you get 10 free minutes with Me!  Woo hooo, free phone sex and who doesn’t appreciate our unique way of saying thank you to YOU on My Anniversary Month!  If you’ve called our service before, you can do a quick 10 minute call with Me or apply the 10 free minutes to a longer call.  I’ll take scheduled breaks during the day and I’ll announce those later.  My hours will be from 6 am until about 9 pm eastern time.

Headmistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Cock Stroker Academy

The Cock Stroker Academy is taking spring break while the Headmistress takes time to learn how to write erotic fiction. I just thought of a hot story idea!  Spring break at the Cock Stroker Academy!  ~laughs~  Spring break is normally a time to let it all hang out…but we do believe in control here…YOUR cock control!

May is National Masturbation Month

Look for a whole month of wicked masturbation including maybe teaching you a thing or two, or three, about orgasm edging, orgasm delay and orgasm denial.  There will be lots of fun and flirty posts and yes, the password protected private reserve photos will return for your viewing … ahem … pleasure!

For the girly girls

I never ever forget all My lovely (and often slutty crossdressers!).  May is wedding season so we’ve got all sorts of blogging to catch up on with your crossdresser wedding, the girls bachelorette party, wedding dress shopping and more!

Are you still reading?  Good!  Here’s your reward!  ~smiles~  Ms Olivia

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